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MKEC General Disclaimer

Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre does not accept responsibility for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to any horses, riders, spectators, vehicles or their contents or any other person or property while on site at MKEC.

No person under the age of 18 may use the facilities unless accompanied by an adult.

Children 8 years and under are not covered by our insurance.

Current safety standard riding hats, and suitable footwear with defined heels must be worn at all times whilst mounted. We recommend wearing a back/body protector at all times.

Current safety standard riding hats, suitable footwear and a back/body protector must be worn whilst riding on our cross-country courses.

All lone riders must carry a working mobile phone, in all other cases groups of 2 or more must carry at least one working mobile phone.

It is advised medical armbands are worn at all times whilst using our facilities.

Any accidents MUST be reported to the Centre Manager on 07810120498.

Any damaged caused to the cross-country fences MUST be reported immediately.

The rider is responsible for determining whether or not any fences are suitable for the horse and riders’ ability. 

All visitors use the facilities at their own risk and acknowledge the risk of injury relative to riding and handling horses.

It is the responsibility of the camp/clinic organiser or individual rider to check their instructors are fully insured.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and dropping picked immediately in all areas.

All visitors agree to pick up droppings generated by their animals in the car-park.

No cars are allowed on the courses.

MP Beesley & Son/MKEC reserve the right to refuse entry to the premises. MKEC reserve the right to close the facilities/jumps without warning and cancel bookings. Refunds or transfer of funds will be issued against all bookings cancelled by us.