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MKEC Weather Policy

Whilst we intent to uphold every booking made to use our facilities weather if it’s a private booking, camp or a clinic. However, if we take the decision that is no longer safe to use our facilities due to the weather, we do have measures in place.


If a private booking needs to be cancelled due to weather conditions the rider as two options.

  1. They can receive a full refund and book again when the facilities are in better condition
  2. We can put their booking on hold and reschedule it with a date and time that they have agreed on. 

We try to give the facilities the most time to improve in order for bookings to be carried out, however as we prioritise safety if it is not safe to use, we let the rider know as quickly as possible.


If we come to the decision that the event that was booked to take place needs to be cancelled/ rearranged, we will communicate this to the organisers as soon as we decide, keeping in close contact throughout the decision making period.

Once we have decided to cancel the event the following will happen.

  • We will communicate the decision to the organiser of the event explaining why and the reasons why the event had to be cancelled.
  • We then go back and send any other dates to which the event can be rescheduled to, one that fits into both ours and the organisers diaries.
  • As clinics and camps are made to pay a deposit, in the event that said event needs to be rearranged, the deposit they have paid for the initial event will carry over onto the rearranged one. Resulting in no extra fees.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the above policy please get in contact with Henry via email or via phone 07810120498.